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TThe R&D center works for the promotion of agriculture, the community, and applied research in the Western Negev and the surrounding area. The center offers a variety of services and solutions for farmers, companies and entrepreneurs in the Western Negev region and communities around Gaza.

1. Professional advice for farmers and companies

The R&D center is located in the heart of the largest agricultural region in Israel. The farms in the area grow different and diverse crops and provide fresh and high-quality food to the residents of Israel and for export. The center's professional staff provides consultation and support services on soil and water issues, fertilization, plant protection and more, whether it is field crops in large areas, advanced hydroponics greenhouses, or livestock

2. Testing for pesticide residues in agricultural produce and food

The R&D Center operates an advanced service laboratory, called Katif Laboratories, which provides residue testing services to farmers and companies in the region. The laboratory is recognized by the Laboratory Accreditation Authority and works in accordance with the strict standards of the European Union, so that the laboratory reports correspond to the necessary references for the export of agricultural products to the countries of the European Union.

The advanced equipment, the professional staff, and compliance with the standards of the European Union place Katif laboratories in the same line as the advanced residue testing laboratories in Israel.

3. Development of analytical methods on demand

The R&D center operates an analytical laboratory with a variety of the most advanced equipment in the world. The laboratory's services include support for research by the center's scientists and the development of analytical methods for the characterization, identification and quantification of materials for various clients. Some of the protocols developed in the laboratory include characterization of metabolites in the cannabis plant (cannabinoids and terpenes), identification of pesticide residues, (more things below).

The laboratory is open to any collaboration with companies, researchers or other entities.

4. Examining the effectiveness of environmentally friendly pesticides

The R&D Center operates an entomological laboratory to characterize the effect of pesticides on insects. For many years the laboratory has been providing services to leading companies in Israel, and offers its services to other companies, entrepreneurs and researchers. The laboratory is open to any collaboration with companies, researchers or other bodies.

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