Community involvement

The R&D center considers involvement in the community as one of the pillars of its activity. The community is a magnet for new ideas and an understanding of the needs of agriculture and industry on the one hand, and the target audience for learning and imparting professional knowledge on the other. The institute carries out a variety of activities for the community, such as a study program for foreign students, seminars, professional courses and agricultural training services.

1. Study program "specializing in agriculture" for foreign students

For several years now, the R&D centerr has been running a study program for foreign students from Asian countries, in cooperation with Hemdat HaDrom College. The training program lasts a year and includes work experience in agricultural farms, theoretical studies, and professional tours. Thousands of students successfully completed the training program and returned to their countries with professional knowledge and work experience in advanced agriculture, and built their future using the tools they acquired in the program.

2. Conferences and seminars

The R&D center holds professional seminar days on diverse topics in order to answer the challenges and questions of environmental farmers, to promote joint research with research institutions in Israel and the world, and to generate interest in the fields of science and agriculture among youth and students. The seminars are held at the R&D center or in collaboration with other institutions in the region, and are open to the general public. Updates regarding the upcoming seminars can be found on the home page.

3. Agricultural training

The surrounding area and the Western Negev is the largest and most diverse agricultural area in Israel. In the area you can find side by side a variety of field crops, vegetable and flower greenhouses, nurseries, plantations, aquaculture, mushroom cultivation and more. The R&D center provides agricultural training services to the region's farmers, and on-deamd solutions to the region's many challenges.

4. Scientific courses and projects for students

The R&D Center operates a classroom and study laboratory for chemistry subjects, teaches and accompanies students in research projects. The center operates in cooperation with the Sapir Academic College, the College of Education "Hemad HaDrom" and high schools in the area.

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